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Thanks for joining our 2014 Monday Night Coached Swims

Please check back in April - our 2015 calendar will be posted then

About the Coached Swim:
If you are still getting comfortable in open water, would like to practice your skills, and need guidance and feedback, please join the Coached Swims. This group is for first time open water swimmers or people who are still gaining comfort and confidence. About the swims: We swim for 45 minutes, with many rest stops along the way. The Coached Swims focus on drill work, practicing skills, working on technique. You will receive feedback from the coach and will practice and hone the skills you need to swim well in open water. We recommend attending an Intro to Open Water Swimming Clinic (see the Clinics page) before joining the group. No need to sign up for the swims in advance - just show up!

Location: Aquatic Park. For directions, see the Information and FAQ page.

Meeting Place: We meet on the grassy hillside at the end of the Van Ness Avenue. This is next to the Van Ness Avenue parking area.

SAFETY: Please note that we leave our belongings on the grass. Please do not bring any valuables. Lock your wallte and phone in your car. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items during our swims.

Wetsuit Rentals: $45. More info about that is on the Open Water Info page.

Map and Directions:
See our detailed map of the Aquatic Park area for parking spots, bathrooms, and landmarks. Google map here. For driving and bus directions, see the Information and FAQ page under "Aquatic Park Directions."

Notes about Aquatic Park:
- we change on the grass, so it's a good idea to come with swim suit on underneath your clothes.
- we leave our belongings on the grass while we swim. It is safe.
- the nearest bathroom is about a 5-minute walk away, in Ghirardhelli Square
- there are no showers at AP. there are private showers at the Dolphin Club and South End Rowing Club. For $6.50 you can drop in to one of the clubs and use their shower and sauna.

Your first swim:
If this is your first swim with us, please sign our WAIVER and bring it with you. Also, please arrive by 6:30 pm or you will not be permitted to swim. If it is your first time swimming in open water, please arrive by 6:15 pm. Once you arrive for the swim, please introduce yourself to one of the coaches and give us your waiver and payment. We will give you a green cap and ask you to sign in on the Sign In Sheet. Please be sure to Sign Out after your swim, too! Please read about the two groups (below) and decide which is right for you. There is no need to sign up ahead of time, but if you have any questions about which group you belong in or about the structure of our swims, please contact us. If this is your first swim EVER in open water, or in the Bay, you'll find some basic info about Getting Your Feet Wet on our Facebook page.

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