Swim Art Open Water Swims

We offer group swims, clinics, and expeditions swims.

If you are new to open water swimming, get started at our Intro Clinic. If you are looking for a place to swim, train, and improve your skills and endurance, you may enjoy our Group Swims. If you are looking for a bigger challenge, swimming a longer distance in the "real" San Francisco Bay, look into our expedition swims.

Group Swims

Monday Night Coached Swims. These are structured, coached swims led by on-the-water coaches. The Coached swims offer drill work, skill work, and stroke technique work. They are appropriate for people who are developing comfort and skill in the open water environment and are looking for instruction, support, and guidance.

Expedition Swims

Jump into the REAL BAY! Swims include: Alcatraz, Bridge to Bridge, and Trans Golden Gate Bridge. See the Bay from a unique and very special angle. For more information, see the Expedition Swims page.

Private Swims

What to do a swim not offered on our public calendar? We can arrange it for you - in San Francisco Bay or in Lake Tahoe! For more information, see the Private Swims page.


Intro to Open Water Swimming Clinic
These clinics are a great way to ease yourself into the open water. We'll take you in slowly and teach you everything you need to know! Perfect for beginner swimmers and experienced swimmers getting in open water for the first time!

For more information, see the Clinics page.

Click here for more info about swimming in the Bay.

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